Satguru Sree Ramadevi Amma

“Blowing Up traditional Conch of Spiritual Revolution

                          The ever Loving and Blissful Mother”
Gadadhara Gadasamam Chikurabhara Bandhidham Gada
dharegwalal Visala Phalamandalam Kripakataksha Bandhuram
Saroruhaksha Yugmagam Thapodhanam Prabhakaram
Pranamiya Sivam:Sivam
Writtern in the presence of Guru BY
Gurudassivayogi (G.P.Panickarswami)
Satguru Sree Ramadevi Amma
Here Bhagavan Sree Siva Prabhakaran Sidha Yogi gave blessings to those who deserve even at the first sight itself. Even his memory will recharge any depressed mind.No religious restrictions were implemented by him for the people approached him in his life period. He was like shirdi Baba in certain aspects. He can be compared to Mahavatar Babaji of Himalayas. To go through the biodata of a Mahayogee is more beneficial to a reader than to study the whole branches of Vedas.

We have so many doubts in our mind, that we wish to give proper answer? Modern science fail to give proper answers to these doubts. But the Mahagurus of ancient India like Bhagavan Sree Siva Prabha Karayogi was able to clear this through their life itself what is human body? What happens to the life energy in it after death? Is the energy remains in any particular form? What is meant by death and birth? Is there any other world other than this earth that “Jeevatma” can exist? Any thing beyod their exist in these external appearance of nature?What is the cause of sorrow?

We Can go through the life historyof Bhagavan Sree Siva Prabhakara Sidher to get proper answers.

He has given clear answer that he had visited the celestial world many times. Why we are addressing these Master as ‘Bhagavan’?. In Indian philosophy we can see Lord Rama Lord Krishna are addressed as ‘Bhagavan’. Lord Krishna in his ‘Bhagavat Geetha’ declared to Arjun that my Yogees possess the same status of me. They possess the ‘Astaiswarayasidhi’ and to worship them is essential. Because of these Sidhis (Anima, Garima, Esthwam, Vasithwam, Prakaran, Prapthi etc.) the yogee is addressed as Bhagavan. The quotation of Lord Krishna as it is “ If you workshop me and disregard my Yogees, I will not be pleased. Other wise if you worship my yogees and not worship me does not matter. If you worship my yogees you will get the same effect of worshipping me”.So the status of a Mahayogee is so high in this universe.

Parents of Sreesiva Prabhkara yogi and his family history

The great father of the Master was “Iravi Narayanan Nampoothiri of Akavoormana”. His mother was ‘Gowri Antharjanam” of the famous aristrocratic family of Malabar “Azhavanchery Mana’ In Malayalam he was born in the month “Meenamasam’ and the star ‘Pooruuttathi’ was his birth star.He was born in the ‘Akavoormana’ in the year AD 1263 March and happened to be taken to Himalayas by a Gosai in his eight year of age without the permission f his parents
.In the year 1986 April he had left his body in his 723rd birth date of Pooruttathi (Meenam ie.1986 April 6th) up to this period he continued his life by using Parakayavidhya and even now it is said that he is in Himalayas in his original shape and original body.


We say a few words about the 'Bramavidya'. This vidya is the highest Sidhi of this Mahayogi. Patangala Maharshi had explained about it in his Yogasastra. But prabhakara sidher was a practical example of this.By the name itself it is clear that it is the method to enter into another mans body (para-another man - kayan-body) and work in it. The change of body can be done soon after the death or at the time of departure or making unconscious for this purpose for a short time even when the later is alive.
Bhagavan Siva Prabhkara yogee was very efficient in this art of "" Kootuvitte Kotumattom". It is not at all easy for a saint or a Rishi to apply this science. Hundreds of years of practice of Yoga and blessings from 'Paramathma' is necessary for this Sidhi.The risk behind the application of this Yogavidya is very dangerous that even Adiguru 'Sankaracharya' failed in the application of 'Kooduvittu Koodumattom". If any unexpected events occur within his of period return from the other body, say forget the original, he could not continue his life.Here Bhagavan selected the bodies of 'Sivayogees and it is said 14 places are therein India having such 'Samadi places' of the same 'Prabhkarayoge using this method.He had explained this method to Gurudas Sivayogi has ardent belivr that "now I am in this of a " Chettiyar Swami" of Kovalam who was in the moment of Deshasamdhi.To Bhgavan it was a safe method to recharge that Yogic body with his own Atma' and carried over spiritual work.

In Chennai there livied a Sridhar named 'Pampattisidher' for a more than 300 years ago near the city of 'Sankaran Covil'. There is his 'Samadhimandir' at Puliyankudi Road. Siva Prabhakara Sidher used the body of the same 'Pampattisidher' even in the life period of 'Prampatti Sidher'.Pampatti Sidher was famous for his Sidha way of to treatments and there is a text book for the students of "Sidha college n Madras" for study

After the Mahasamadhi of the Pampattisidher Sree Sivaprabhkara Yogee appeared before his devotes in Chennai in the same way and in the same character. People of Tamilnadu are fully convinced and they have visited Kerala to get his blessings when he was in Pathanamthitta and Omalloor.In the great Temple of 'Pazhani' we can see the Idol of 'Pampattisidher' among the 18 famous sidhas.In the tast of 'Chottanikkara Mahatmyam' there it is written about Sree Prabhkaraguru as the vice principal of the international philosophical university of Vedamangalam. So many historical evidences we can trace throughout India about his service in different fields like Ayurvedam, Indian Philosophy etc.Matha Remadevi believed in him because of her experience even after Samadhi. The samadhi date 6-4-1986 was prophesied to her.


Almost all spiritual Masters known to us after his 12th century are has deciples. But he has never admitted this. Here we can see Matha Remadevi has been given permission to declare, because the Master himself selected her as his true in heritor in the year 1985 July before his Samadhi. Guru Neelakanda Theertha Padar, Chattampi Swami, Sree Naryayana Guru etc had met with this 'Avadhoota' before becoming famous.The late Governor of Kerala Jyothi Venkatachalam was his devotee in all sense.

Advises of the Master Collected by Gurudas Sivayogee (Father of Matha Remadevi Amma)

(1) Poor feeding is essential for a family man. Thraugh it he is feeding god itself.
(2) Giving food to parents once in a day is better than giving offering to god five times.
(3) Ill treating ladies is the cause of all calamities in the nature.
(4) There is only one religion "Humanisam"
(5) You are safe in my hand if you believe me.
(6) I will not receive the offering of a Selfish man I will receive the food of a poor man giving with love and intimacy.
(7) Old news paper is sufficient for me to make abed.
(8) Power of truth is the highest power.
(9) Don’t he greedy: everything will be reached in an easy manner to a honest man.

About Chingoli Ashram

It is as per the Masters order Gurudas Siva Yogee, the father of Remadevi Amma. Constructed a small hut for worshipping his master slowly the developments happened because of the Masters will is here.Master has great interest in visiting this place even from 1947 to 1985 in different occasions. The original name in the record about this property is "Chempakapilly Kottaram'.'Kottaram' means palace of king and the geography of this place is a proof for it. Here the king was a Nampoothiri and his native place is expected to be Akavoor Mana. Bhagavan Sivaprabhakara yogee declared that all these properties were my own "Manavaka". The land of these Kerala was divided to 4 Brahmain families by the God Parasurama and these places are called "Akavoorman Amsamvaka". Moreover this village Chingoli is in Karthikappally Taluk and there is an explanation in the records for this "Karthikappally". This is a place that we can enjoy the presence of "Krithika", or 'Bhadrakali". The place is famous for more than for 'Bhadrakali Temples".Here the famous amoung this is 'Sree Kavil Patikal Devi Temple' and Ashram is situated in the premises of this temple. The goddess here is actually the 'Pardevatha to Mathagee's family. So the Master tried to reinstate the connection. For more than 50 years the administration of this great temple was in the hands of Gurudas siva Yogee (Mathagee's own father)

Matha Remadevi.

It seems to be most wonderful thing that a lady from Alappuzha, in her 30th age has been blessed by the Great Master, to be the true inheritor to spread, the time less and age less message of Sanathana Dharma, like Gargi, Mythrayee of the Hindu Puranas. Ramadevi was born in the year 1947 September at Punnappara as the 1st child of Sri G.P Panicker and Smt Kamalamma. Both the families of her mother’s and father’s are very famous in education and social service. Even from here childhood she got spiritual education from her grand mother "Kuttiyamma'. Who was an authority of Puranas. Since them she has great belief in Godds Durga, they gave the same name to this child "Ambika'. Shining child like devi.
Before she was born, the great Master Bhagavan Siva Prabhgara Yogi visited her father and he got blessing from this Master.She was very clever in sports and studies and completed her academic education in her 20th year as a post graduate in Mathematics.Since her horoscope is entirely different from a common child, that there it is clear evidences in the Rasi to become a Saint, parents had conducted her wedding in early years. Every thing was in a speedy process her job, family, children etc.Nobody can avoid God's decision. Even after this she was not at all satisfied in worldly life. She was seeking for her original duty in life within her 30th age, she had approached so many masters to understand the reality of worldly life.
Before Mathagi's acquaintance to the Great Master, she came into contact with many realised masters in India like, Sathyasaibaaba Sami Chinmayanandagi and received their finest grace. Her innocence and honest behavior attracted the divine persons of those India at those days. But her spiritual quest was not satisfied and her persistent eternal quest led her to Sri Prabhkarayogi. Her first meeting with the Master happened in 1984. Even at that moment the Master fully recognized her spiritual mission in the rest of her life.
The mother was so smitten by spiritual passion and since most of the time she was engaged in vedic and tantirc sadhanas; she felt loss of body consciousness many days at the time of actual sadhanas.
Subsequently, as per the Master's advice, she avoided hard Sadhanas and started practicing light kriyas which had given her ample time for both spiritual studies and discharge of worldly duties also.'Mandradeeksha' and Kriyadeeksha from the great yogi helped her easy progress in yoga. Since here Master followed 'Pathangalayogi' method she has been taught the same method. Bur her request to the Master was to spread 'Bhakthiyoga' for the ignorant majority of society. It is the easiest way of spiritual liberation in the Kaliyuga. Praising of Lord will enable purification of mind. Peace of mind s essential for all. Desire of worldly pleasures make it difficult. Amma is trying her best to spread this message on the basis o 'Bhagvatha'
She was always thinking of worldly peace and so her presence will give us piece. The innocence and unconditional love spread from the mother is indescribable by words. To be with the company of the mother carries one, away from the clutches of worldly bondages and Karmic Vasanas to something deeper silence within our heart. In presence of mother a deserving soul truly experience spiritual joy and divine inner light. She knows what is 'Brahmavidhya', but she never admit it like her great Master. If we ask her, she will say I have no power, every thing happens, however as per the will of my Guru".
This is what makes Satguru Remadevi Amma Different from other spiritual Masters. She has no ambition to be famous. But it is for our satisfaction, she is doing all these works. Her divine presence must be known all over the world, for this generations and coming also. She has undergone suffering to spread the dharma, but with a smile she will again approach the suffering group as an Angel

On Amma’s Words

My first interview with Bhagavan Sivaprabhakara Yogi.It was in the year 1983, I have reached my father’s residence at Chingoli to discuss with him the sale of my landed property there. When I saw him, my father was engaged in a serious discussion of spiritual matters with some of his friends. There I saw a small person with glittering eyes wearing ‘Khadar’ dress sitting in a chair at the middle of them. I have left that place and took my seat in the Kitchen hall there. I was in deep thinging about the construction of my house. In that mood I could not attend anything around me. Before evening I want to return. Nobody knows the purpose of my visit at that day.
Oh’s I heard the peaceful words of my guru. “Rema look hear”. Don’t worry about your house construction. You will have your house in this village. Not in Trivandrum.
On hearing this, I could not control my tears. It was Bhagavan Prabhkarayogi in front of my eyes giving answer to my own thoughts. How wonderful ? To pickup the thoughts of another heart! Without any effort. I fell into that feets. Soon he left the Kitchen. Without presenting my problem I have also returned to Trivandrum. After this visit I could not continue in my rental house. So long after my 10 years of life at Trivandrnm I got a transfer to Haripad very near to Chingoli.

Satguru Sree Ramadevi Amma


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